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The video overlay displaying my own face also seems to be gone.Actually it would be even better if the default setting is normal phone (without the speakers already switched on automatically).Download Skype and stay in touch with family and friends for free.Want to learn how to use Skype on your Android device for voice and video calls.Can you use Skype free minutes (provided with Office365) to call FROM a mobile phone.Would just like to give a feedback of the option of chatting while the videp call is on cuz i dont know how to yet or if you do have that option.

It was so simple, alot less laggy, Dont fix what never needed fixed.Would love to have easier button to press to switch between speaker phone and normal phone.The fact that themes were implemented and none of them are a night mode actually offends me.Images appear grey when sending from my recent pictures in my Gallery.Microsoft, did you learn nothing from the start menu in Windows 8.And sending photos from the memory card is incredibly slow, photos are no longer sorted new-to-old so I have to scroll through all hundreds of photos on my device to the bottom of the list where the latest pic is.

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If you have an iPod Touch 3 rd generation or an iPhone 3G, you will be able to receive only video.Full Review Marco Hoffmann July 8, 2017 The latest update makes Skype look a lot flashier.Skype is a chat program that lets you make free calls to other Skype users, as well as make and receive calls from landlines and mobile.

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At least now I know not to update my Skype on my computer now.

You must have a Skype account already created to use Skype on your iOS device--there is no option in the app to create a new account.

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How To Use Skype As Your Main Home Phone Line. Most people know you can use Skype to make free calls to other Skype users, with or without video.Skype is a free communications software you can download from It allows users to communicate using text, video conferencing or audio calling.Item removed from wishlist. 1 Install The Skype you know and love has an all-new design, supercharged with a ton of new features and new ways to stay connected with the people you care about most.

Full Review JackyMacky UPSB July 5, 2017 The previous interface was better.I use the desktop app and specifically not the one from the Microsoft store.Microsoft, you have tried to fix something that was not broken. please do the right thing.Full Review shannon rogers July 6, 2017 New update looks like it was done by a four year old with crayon.Did it occur to anyone at Microsoft that I might keep separate lists on purpose.Step 2: Set up Skype Android: Once Skype for Android is installed, tap on the app to open it.

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I am getting messages with no notifications unless I go in and open the app, then all of the sudden I have many missed messages.

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When i bought a new one, i was relieved to see Skype working pretty decently.In the main Contacts menu you can find contacts from your iPhone, but you cannot import them to your Skype contact list.Slow, in your face and (as someone who has audio and visual processing issues) headache-inducing to use.Have uninstallled and reinstalled, checked all settings which are correct.

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When I tested Skype for Android on a Droid X running Android 2.1, there was no video chat option.And even the new interface looks great Full Review maria joy raganas July 8, 2017 Please kindly put me back to the old version.