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As Leicestershire police announce the trial of new facial recognition software, we take a look at how such systems work, and the thorny issues they bring.People who look very similar to us can be easily distinguished by the algorithm.

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The worst abuse of surveillance is the suppression of criticism and protest.

At the very least, the value that should be placed on this information should be considered third rate and not actionable and a stiff penalty such as being permanently impeached from law enforcement employment should be the penalty along with damages times ten for holding false information and and acting on it.

Privacy Multistakeholder Process: Facial Recognition

And the notion of there being people acting as if they want to protect the identity of others stop making sense once one incorporate the idea of privacy and the concern for privacy needs into it I would argue.The problem with surveillance is that those who need it most are the ones conducting it.Dynamically compare images of individuals from incoming video streams against specific databases and immediately send alerts and record results.

It is time we just accept that information technology eventually leads to, well lots and lots of searchable personal information.Similarly, people who are easy for us to distinguish can lead to a false positive in computer FR.Phone Comment Email This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Over the years it has been used against groups ranging from the KKK to Occupy protesters.

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After 16 months of negotiations, all of the consumer-focused privacy organizations pulled out of the process because industry representatives were unable to agree on any limitations on something as basic as nonconsensual facial recognition.I rigged one up to a raspberry pi for fun and it works great.I was home invaded without a warrant because someone who had previously rented the same address was accused of a car theft.When it becomes common use for surveillance, will these be banned.

This is the real danger to society of any new technology or methodology.Once again the security mob assume no counter-measures will be used to fuck with their technology.FaceFirst is creating a safer and more personalized planet through face recognition security software for retailers, airports, law enforcement and more.

All the money and power in the public and private sector is on the side of facial recognition without limitation.You might be asked to show your face by the ATM when you want to withdraw cash.Tags: cameras, databases, essays, face recognition, national security policy, privacy, surveillance, terrorism.This negates most of the various advantages of FR. why not just use iris.These are external links and will open in a new window A scheme widely used by UK stores to identify criminals is testing facial recognition technology, the BBC has.US government embedding facial recognition technology in surveillance system By Thomas Gaist 22 August 2013 Reports emerged this week detailing US government.This will probably coincide with the collapse of the US global empire - interestingly enough, it is already in its death throes based on studies of earlier hegemons.Safer Communities Proactively detect and deter threats Smarter Teams Automated alerting for efficient security Actionable Intelligence Priceless insight into past, present and future events.

And in a database of hundreds of millions of people, doubles are probably more common than one might think.

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Predictive identification systems that solve crimes and save lives.Because if Peter can not do something but Paul can what is to stop Paul passing the results back to Peter, and worse what is there to stop Peter puting Paul into business for just that purpose.

Smart CCTV Facial Recognition and Algorithmic Surveillance

Already the Japanese plan on releasing sunglasses next year that prevent around 90% of facial recognition in tests so far.Such things occur because a fraction of that diverted tax is used on elected and other government officials to ensure the process continues for their mutual benifit, not that of the general tax payer who just sees an increased tax burden.And just last month, we learned that the FBI is looking to buy a system that will collect facial images of anyone an officer stops on the street.

Collective action rarely works because one can rarely gain agreement on anything.Therefore, just like the crypto wars where offense and defense are always battling for domination, the same will happen in biometrics and suitable countermeasures.I wonder if it would be any value to post tagged pictures of yourself where you have manually altered the facial geometry.

All because someone else is into the narcissistic emptiness that propels them to need others recognition of their insecurity to be noticed and liked.I would be curious to know the extent to which things simple things like a hat and sunglasses would throw off the facial recognition software.And that seems pretty rational and acceptable to most people, including me. However. Expand this to other situations.

They were put in place by the same bunch who think that static loading is the way to test a structure.First, a limitation on collection--the license plate numbers is a good example.The companies that engage in this business routinely share that data with the police, giving the police a steady stream of surveillance information on innocent people that they could not legally collect on their own.Black and white CCTV sensors whilst more sensitive in low light conditions that colour sensors are also much more prone to damage by coherant collimated light sources.This iframe contains the logic required to handle AJAX powered Gravity Forms.

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A family member had her license revoked, so I was driving her around in my car.FaceFirst is creating a safer and more personalized planet through facial recognition security software.

In 2011, researchers at Carnegie Mellon pointed a camera at a public area on campus and were able to match live video footage with a public database of tagged photos in real time.There are definitely many, many deployed instances of surreptitious FR around the world.Anyone with a homeland security history should pay for it for the rest of their lives.The FaceFirst face recognition security platform is highly accurate and scalable, offering a full range of surveillance, mobile and desktop forensic face detection capabilities to detect and deter stalkers, corporate espionage, known criminals, disgruntled employees and other persons of interest.Personally I turned it down, and opted out of all the sharing settings I could, but it took days, and it was only because I subscribe to blogs such as this that I found out about background torrenting for updates etc.Good luck getting the players in this to be responsible and discrete.