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To enter Internet Recovery mode, hold down the Command-Option-R keys at startup.

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Ultimately, in a worst-case scenario, a fix could require reformatting your drive, reinstalling a fresh copy of OS X, and restoring your data from a backup.If you have two or more Macs, you may be able to connect one Mac to the other using Target Disk Mode.XFINITY on demand streaming not working with new MacBook. solved XFINITY on demand streaming not working.Safari not working on iPad, iPhone, iPod or Mac OSX. AppleToolBox.

MacBook Pro, MacBook. older Mac models that do not support Internet Recovery will. and if that does not work go on to a working mac.

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Once connected, boot from the second (properly working) Mac and put the problem Mac in Target mode (by holding down the T key at startup).Wireless Direct not working on Macbook Pro. the Wi-Fi does not connect to the internet or.

Security Update Breaks Ethernet Port on iMacs and MacBook

Sorry it may take me some time to test your suggestions since this issue only happens a few times a week and lasts only a few hours.

After that, reboot from the repaired drive and hope that all is fine now.Launch Disk Utility, choose your startup drive in the list, and select Repair Disk.Ethernet on but, not working. Hi,. sticky keys it now is working. the macbook and when the macbook would not go to the internet I hooked it back into my.

This will not work if you keep the display plugged in while.How to troubleshoot your problems. Contents.Perhaps you frequently get errors when trying to open or save files.

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Netflix Not Working On Mac. about a month ago I purchased a Chromecast to watch Netflix on my tv and still do work on my MacBook Pro.However, if you find yourself with no other option, an Apple support article details exactly what to do.

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Hello, so I have an issue with my mac, at random times the internet browsers do not work at all.

A downside of this method is that you get no feedback as to whether or not the repair succeeded.Apple Mac app store not working in OS X Yosemite. not working on Mac OS X.If your network is not configured to block services, but some Internet applications work and others do not,.

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Still, if your problems vanish after doing a Safe Boot (and restarting again normally), you can assume that success was likely.

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