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Your activity log includes a list of the things you search for on Facebook.

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How To Delete All Your Facebook Activity. you might want to check the forum on the script page.

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Check the recent sign-in activity for your Microsoft account. activity on your Microsoft account,. activity page.Measure engagement and learn how to make your Tweets more successful.

How to view your Facebook profile as someone else. View Activity Log,.As you can see, Facebook offers a great number of features,.

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Measure and boost your impact on Twitter. Meet your dashboards.You just have to forget to log out on another computer and someone else can check out. your whole account activity. one using your Facebook account,.

I know a certain person has access to my Facebook account. How can you check profiles you have visited, photos you have.

When you view your activity history, you can see who made changes, what.

By default, your activity log shows your activity from the current year, starting with your most recent activity.

March 31, 2015. By:. Learn how to log in to Facebook and check an account for activity to see how often the owner.Click on a year (in the top-right corner) to jump directly to that time.To view your activity log: Click in the top-right corner of any Facebook page Select Activity Log From here, you can click the Filters on the left to review a specific type of story (ex: Your Posts, Photos).You can check for suspicious log-ins and password changes. To view your recent Google account activity,.Just click the year on the right side of the page to jump to that time period.

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Different types of stories (ex: posts by others, likes, comments) are listed in the left column of your activity log.Secure your Facebook account in six easy steps. click Edit to the right of Active Sessions and choose End Activity or End All Activity, respectively.Yes No Find Stories Looking for a story from a few months ago, or even a few years.