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He had other options, he only chose to slaughter the clan and innocent children because he was offered a deal to save Sasuke, a human he placed above anyone else in that clan (including children younger than Sasuke at the time), the world, and the village itself.The Kage is simply a figurehead to be the face of the village, and a powerful one.That is the type of undying love that can lead to the destruction of the world (Obito).

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Itachi escaped from the village after that night and joined Akatsuki.Everyone who lives under the rule of that Hokage is by default also against the Uchiha.If you need help, you can contact any staff member to provide you with insight either by private messaging or leaving a message directly on their profile page.

Hashirama wanted to commit suicide just like that, lmao, forget shitty, he was quite stupid.

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Thats a topic Ive gained an interested in a long time ago, since there has never been an Uchiha taking up the Hokage office, and now I want ask you guys who in your.

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Take the fact that Itachi was just a kid, which had a trauma and loved his village, too.The Naruto manga and anime series takes place on a fictional universe known as the Ninja World,.

Besides, if Itachi was Hokage. the world would get in line with what he had in line.Thing is, i do belive that the Itachi of part 2 can make a fine Hokage.

It is worth 0 points and can be received for: Reach Hokage rank online.I actually doubt sasuke wanting to become hokage simply because he has the rinnegan.Minato was a decent Hokage, but placing the Kyuubi in your son is quite the shitty behaviour, too.So, unless this Hokage-ship would have taken place after he met Sasuke again post-mortem, he could have ever only been a good Hokage in the literal sense of the word, as Sasuke said to Naruto.

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Itachi, like any leader, would have made some great decisions, some good decisions, some bad decisions and some horrible decisions.Pretty sure he would have joined Pein in killing the whole village for peace.

Find best value and selection for your 3x Third Hokage Childhood Great Talents N 698 search on eBay.They did not treat the Uchiha fairly, it was no longer their village, and Konoha sealed their fate as enemies of the Uchiha.Hokages are supposed to be likable and supposed to be the face of the decision that the village associates with all the decisions.Itachi trying to talk with dear old dad about the coup and how the village knows everything.

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Dia adalah karakter pertama yang diciptakan oleh Kishimoto selama.NARUTO HOKAGE Akatsuki-4 Fidget Spinner Toy Stress Reducer Hand Spinner Fidget Toy For For Student Adults Triangle EDC Fidget Spinner Toy Fingertip Gyro For For ADD.

No one can deny Itachi had wisdom unless they want to completely ignore what the author has stated repeatedly, and he was obviously very powerful.Him tipping them off is a gift, giving them the final choice to either negotiate or be utterly destroyed.The ONE, SINGLE, ONLY individual who thought that negotiation with the Uchiha would was even worth considering, was Hiruzen.

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While there are negative (plot holes) things that affect the character, there are way more positive ones to my opinion, i will rather consider Itachi as a good character than a generic flawless character.Itachi himself admitted that if he trusted and was open with other people, especially Sasuke, that the Uchiha Clan Massacre might not have had to happen.

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Itachi would kill anyone and destroy anything to save one human being.He told Sasuke to seek power wherever he could find it to avenge the clan- that lead to Orochimaru, a criminal record and the breaking of any bonds he may have had.

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Same case of Itachi can be pointed to the likes of the sixth sense(the movie).Shisui (The most talented shinobi in their clan) knowing about it along with Itachi was more than enough.