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Description: What you want to call your VPN connection (HMA-iPhone, HMA VPN, Seattle VPN, Salt Lake City VPN, etc.).There should a port where you can plug an ethernet cable into your Sasktel modem and then plug the other side of that cable into your DD-WRT enabled router.How to Get US Netflix in. you will be able to set up a US proxy service and watch American Netflix no. access netflix and to go to

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I did contact the company and because i reside outside of US they cant help me.Back in September 2010 when Netflix first launched in Canada, there was about 7,500 titles available to Canadians.HMA is the best solution out there, and the one that we have personally used since 2011 now, for accessing US content outside of the USA.

Please Note: All of our guides were written using Canada only as an example.Following the instructions above, I changed my router to DD-WRT in order to link my US IP address to my PS3.

However it looks like just because it is DD-WRT enabled does not mean it comes with DD-WRT enabled.Now that you have the right adapter and an HMDI cable just follow the steps above to get HMA and the US Netflix in Canada and in just a few minutes you will have access to a much larger library of movies and shows just like if you were living in the United States.Why do you need to spend money on another router if your desktop and laptops will be configured with HMA.

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Yes, you will need to virtually reside in the USA in order to watch get American Netflix in Canada.

Method 1 shows you how to set one up without needed a US Credit Card or US iTunes gift card.How To Get American Netflix. Netflix is a service offered only to people who live in the United States.As far as I can tell, the AirPlay function can only apply to the audio component and does not give an option for video.I use the digital AV adapter and the HDMI cable from my DVD player to connect my iPhone to my HDTV to get the big screen experience.I have been enjoying Netflix USA, Hulu, Hulu Plus, NHL Game Centre Live, and the works.

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Click The Device You Would Like To Access The US Netflix Library From Canada.I would like HMA to watch BBC2 in london and also the US netflix.

Step 5: Watch US Netflix From Canada On Your PS3, DVD Player, Wii, Etc.

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Click here for the section of the guides that covers how to set this up.Then your entire network will be virtually residing in the USA.Is there a way to lock the network wifi running on the router.About 2 weeks ago when trying to listen i got a restricted message.You could always look to simply tether your computer to your TV.Check to see if your current router can have a VPN installed on in.

HMA makes watching the American version of Netflix on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch so simple thanks to their iOS app.Shows are added and removed from both libraries all the time.I Checked to see if airplay on my iphone was in fact working, and it was as it would airplay other online content.Here is a guide that shows you just some of the shows that are available in the USA and not in Canada.Hola is the first community powered (Peer-to-Peer) VPN, where users.

I have a PS3 witha D-link DIR-601 wireless router that I can supposedly flash to get DD-WRT ability (see here ).I moved to canada 2 years ago and found hotspot shield allowed me to use pandora.

If you set up the special DD-WRT enabled router with HMA anything behind this router (your TV, iPad, iPhone, Laptop, etc.) will be virtually residing in the USA.HMA has a desktop application that you download to your computer.Once you have HMA set up on that router you will connect your Wii to that router.You might need to set up a US account and look for it in the US app store.

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Since the majority of Canadians are unhappy with the much smaller library that they have access to, Netflix has tried to manage their reputation and has stopped releasing its title counts.If I understand correctly with HMA which I now subscribe to it will bring me to the US Netflix site.