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The morality of war traipses into the related area of political philosophy in which conceptions of political responsibility and sovereignty, as well as notions of collective identity and individuality, should be acknowledged and investigated.Communitarians of various hues reject the notion of an isolated individual pitted against others and prompted to seek a contract between themselves for peace.Is war ever Justified essaysLife has many amazing things to offer.

What strategic imperative justified the war, and was the United States ultimately successful in the Cold War because of its.Empire spread like wildfire when multiple nations felt that it was their duty to uphold their allegiances and join the war.Very passionate feeling surround the war itself, and if it was a justified war.War is never justified because it involves the death of innocent soldiers most of the time, and basically the families of these soldiers have to deal with.It finds its best advocate in Immanuel Kant and his famous pamphlet on Perpetual Peace.

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Wherein lies its cause then becomes the intellectual quest: in the medieval understanding of the universe, the stars, planets and combinations of the four substances (earth, air, water, fire) were understood as providing the key to examining human acts and dispositions.Beyond what has been called the pacificistic morality (in which peace is the end goal as distinct from pacifism and its rejection of war as a means), are those theories that establish an ethical value in war.In a weaker form of determinism, theorists claim that man is a product of his environment-however that is defined-but he also possesses the power to change that environment.

Introduction To War Iraq War Causes of War The causes of war always revolves around disagreement and the differences in opinion or beliefs.

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A month ago, I sent an email to over fifty leaders and thinkers in the Jewish and progressive world, asking them what they thought about the conflict in Afghanistan.

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Q:Considering the biblical injunction to submit to civil government (Rom. 13:1 and 1 Peter 2:13-14), were Christian colonists justified in participating in the.While exploring the root cause of conflict, this article investigates the relationship between human nature and war.To some this is a lament-if man did not possess reason, he might not seek the advantages he does in war and he would be a more peaceful beast.

We are treating them with violence and anger, and they are going to keep giving it back until one of us is out of power.Life presents us to things such as feelings, people, events, and at last death.Clearly there were sufficient reasons for America to declare war with Great Britain.This captures a particularly political-rationalistic account of war and warfare, i.e., that war needs to be explicitly declared and to be between states to be a war.

One of the programs that American Red Cross set up and funded was the School Supplies for Afghan Children.The reality is the US achieved many of its goals in the war.The Civil War was one of the bloodiest conflicts in american history.Many feel that Germany was just as ruthless and nationalistic in WWI as they were in WWII, but not all agree with this sentiment.

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Hinduism, like most religions, believes that war is undesirable and avoidable because it involves killing fellow humans.From the point of a Vietnamese, any faction that managed to unify Vietnam, is a just side.

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It was an extension of policies hat had worked out very well for the United States during the Cold War.The subject matter lends itself to metaphysical and epistemological considerations, to the philosophy of mind and of human nature, as well as to the more traditional areas of moral and political philosophy.This is as true of dictionary definitions as well as of articles on military or political history.The OED definition also seems to echo a Heraclitean metaphysics, in which opposing forces act on each other to generate change and in which war is the product of such a metaphysics.

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Many have claimed morality is necessarily discarded by the very nature of war including Christian thinkers such as Augustine, whereas others have sought to remind warriors both of the existence of moral relations in war and of various strictures to remain sensitive to moral ends.Sociologically, those going to and coming back from war often go through rites and rituals that symbolize their stepping out of, or back into, civil society, as if their transition is to a different level of morality and agency.

For instance, the communitarian view of war implies that Homeric war is different from war in the Sixteenth Century, but historians might draw upon evidence that the study of Greek warfare in the Iliad may influence later generations in how they conceive themselves and warfare.The nature of the philosophy of war is complex and this article has sought to establish a broad vision of its landscape and the connections that are endemic to any philosophical analysis of the topic.A useful distinction here is between absolute war and total war.Again, due notice must be given to conceptions of justice and morality that involve both individuals and groups.The problem leads to questions of an empirical and a normative nature on the manner in which some societies have foregone war and on the extent to which similar programs may be deployed in other communities.

The first issue to be considered is what is war and what is its definition.About two hundred and thirty years ago, on July 4 of 1776, the founding fathers of the United States of America wrote the Declaration of Independence.War as a collective endeavor engages a co-ordinated activity in which not only the ethical questions of agent responsibility, obedience and delegation are ever present but so too are questions concerning the nature of agency.