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In transparent mode, the interface with the lowest number of hosts is counted towards the host limit.For example, you might buy a VPN Flex license to handle short-term surges in the number of concurrent SSL VPN users, or you might order a Botnet Traffic Filter temporary license that is valid for 1 year.The interface associated with the default route is considered to be the outside Internet interface.A. No. The secondary unit must also have a shared licensing server license.

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If the backup server is part of a failover pair, identify the standby unit serial number as well.By default, the AnyConnect Essentials license is used instead of the above licenses, but you can disable the AnyConnect Essentials license in the configuration to restore use of the other licenses using the no anyconnect-essentials command.When the backup server is not active, it acts as a regular participant of the main shared licensing server.In addition to permanent licenses, you can purchase a temporary license or receive an evaluation license that has a time-limit.

Decide which ASA should be the shared licensing server, and purchase the shared licensing server license using that device serial number.Note The shared licensing server can also participate in the shared license pool.

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See the following figure for examples of permanent and VPN Flex activation keys, and how they interact.

The following is sample output from the show activation-key detail command that shows a permanent activation license with 2 SSL VPN peers (in bold), an active temporary license with 5000 SSL VPN peers (in bold), the merged running license with the SSL VPN peers taken from the temporary license (in bold), and also the activation keys for inactive temporary licenses.If you configured a backup server, enter the backup server address.But temporary licenses for sale by Cisco are limited to one feature per activation key.Hosts that initiate traffic between Business and Home are also not counted towards the limit.All license types are available in both routed and transparent mode.

To obtain an activation key, you need a Product Authorization Key, which you can purchase from your Cisco account representative.For these features, activate an AnyConnect Premium SSL VPN license instead of the AnyConnect Essentials license.The shared licensing backup server must register successfully with the main shared licensing server before it can take on the backup role.You can only identify 1 backup server and its optional standby unit.This section describes the licenses available for each model as well as important notes about licenses.Cisco ASA 5505 Adaptive Security Appliance for Small Office. each Cisco ASA 5505.The timer only starts again when you reactivate the temporary license.

This license provides access to the AnyConnect Client for touch-screen mobile devices running Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, and 6.1. We recommend using this license if you want to support mobile access to AnyConnect 2.3 and later versions.When the main server comes back up, the backup server starts to increment again day-by-day.The Cisco ASA 5505 Adaptive Security. includes two with the base.After you enter all of the Product Authorization Keys, the final activation key provided includes all of the permanent features you registered.The AnyConnect client software offers the same set of client features, whether it is enabled by this license or an AnyConnect Premium SSL VPN license.However if you activate feature licenses that were introduced in 8.2 or later, then the activation key is not backwards compatible.Information About the Shared Licensing Server and Participants.

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As a condition for the completion of a Cisco AnyConnect or clientless SSL VPN connections, the remote computer scans for a greatly expanded collection of antivirus and antispyware applications, firewalls, operating systems, and associated updates.Another thought, if it was already setup when you go it, did they give you a login ID.It sends the scan results to the adaptive security appliance.Configuring an External Server for Security Appliance User Authorization.Hi Experts, I have a Cisco ASA 5505 router with a base license (10x inside hosts, 3x VLAN, 25x VPN).

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The following example sets the shared secret, changes the refresh interval and port, configures a backup server, and enables this unit as the shared licensing server on the inside interface and dmz interface.Gigabit Ethernet Support for the ASA 5510 Security Plus License.

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Q. Do I need to buy the same licenses for the secondary unit in a failover pair.This platform has an ASA 5510 Security Plus license. Serial.

Make sure this license is for the standby unit serial number.I have heard there is an AnyConnect Essentials VPN License offering up to.Temporary Flash Activation Key: 0xcb0367ce 0x700dd51d 0xd57b98e3 0x6ebcf553 0x0b058aac.To clear the shared license statistics, enter the clear shared license command.