Youtube problem an error occurred

YouTube shows Adblock Plus users an error message instead

I may see a fleeting message, but the problem ones I tried from the list above did work in both FlashPlayer and HTML5. (I also usually use Linux).

"An error occurred. Please try again later" error on

It also happens on completely different PC in this house.l It happens when I changed the DNS servers.An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later ( It seems to only be a YouTube problem.

In fact it would be worth testing with Portable Firefox ESR which also rules out recent regressions in Firefox as the cause.On or off, blocked or not, it is NOT the cause of the videos not playing.

I keep getting "An error has occurred, please try again

Can you post a couple of links to working videos and a couple to problem videos.I ask as I know India currently has a problem with a lot of blocked content due to Judicial action.Looks like there were Google issues that eventually got reported and possibly fixed.

As troubleshooting steps it may be just worth reconfirming a few facts.I repeat what I said, the latest YouTube update causes this problem. uninstalling it back to an older.

An Error Occurred. Please Try Again Later. : youtube

Another thing worth mentioning, videos that do not work on Firefox DO WORK on chrome, making the odds of the issue being related to my internet connection, ISP, firewall, or other such things unlikely.

As I previously stated, my ISP likely does not block the vidoes, as these videos still work on Google Chrome and other devices connected to the same network.

Fix "Youtube an Error Occurred" with the Top 6 Methods

Also, the last few lines of the developer console in both the error and working cases repeat themselves indefinitely (probably until the video ends).As far as I am aware, none of the videos I have watched and experienced issues with were from India.

I get no sound and youtube is displaying an error

The following are things that I have tried and have no use of being re-mentioned here.

After this post I will be going on a camping trip until Wednesday.

"An error occurred when sending commands to the program

YouTube : An Error Occurred. Please Try Again Later. How

Unable to play video in Youtube,"an error occurred please

Bug 691370 – Fix youtube error 'An error occurred, please

Embedded YouTube videos display an error and you can't

Someone may be able to notice something that causes a problem.Do they show up with details as JS errors in the browser console.That would be the 11.202.235 version (earlier versions will also work but most recent is best).

Google Chrome - An Error Occurred : youtube - reddit

Youtube "an error occurred please try again lat

If you have the same error in HTML5 on the same YouTube links it is looking like a site or script etc error rather than specifically just FlashPlayer.

With all of that done it seems odd you have problems if others do not.

An error occurred. Please try again later, Youtube

I have attempted different DNS servers, including Google DNS, and this method did not fix my issue.When I return, I shall attempt all potential solutions posted.And it is completely random, so one day it is one vid, then next the vids that were broken work and new ones that worked before do not work.I have attempted disabling protected mode in Flash, but to no avail.Please try again later. or Youtube. they figure out what the problem is.This is a KNOWN problem and RIM and youtube are working to get the services back up ASAP. Youtube: An error has occurred attempting to play media.

I tried one and it works for me with the Flash player and with the HTML5 media player on Linux.

Microsoft edge: Youtube error | Tech Support Guy

Modified July 12, 2014 at 1:16:10 PM PDT by Iwanttowatchvideos.Using new additional Firefox profile, all plugns except Flash disabled, and using Firefox SafeMode and FlashPlayer protected mode disabled. extensions disabled already disabled in safe mode, as is hardware acceleration.