Can t connect to public wifi

Laptop won't connect to Internet connected to a Public WiFi?

After more than a month you are the first person with advice that works.

I finally played around with the settings and all you have to do is enable pop ups in the settings in the chrome app itself.I can see the WiFi and join it but the login page never appears and there is no prompt in my notifications to join it.I cannot connect to wi-fi on my iPad. cannot connect to public wi-fi.

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Using your laptop or smartphone, you can choose from two WiFi Services:.

Guess I will look at this again tomorrow with fresh eyes.but really thanks for the advice so far.

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Used it at Starbucks the other night and prior to that little move, could not ever before get on.My iPhone has connected to a number of public and private WiFi.Just find out from the university if it is truely public Wifi, or if it is supposed to be a student and faculty only network.A given WiFi hub can only handle a certain number of client connections.

Boot into recovery (via Rom Manager) and make a backup, then format data (which is equivalent to a factory reset) and reboot.Solved how to access a public wifi from. directly to the free wifi.

It would appear that some cases have something in their material that blocks the WiFi signal.if that is possible, but it does seem logical.

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I have a wireless network at home which connects without any trouble.

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Worked fine with the free wireless at the hotel over the weekend as well.I used my Nook with CM7 nightly in an airport with free wireless last June.The phone shows as it is connected to the internet, but browsing does not work.

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I have to connect with dial up at home but usually connect using public WiFi at local.Thanks again for your help but you bring up a subject that may be the answer.Currently running CyanogenMod 7.1 and had the same issue with 7.03.Is there a fix for this or an xposed module that forces it to show the login page.Then it might be a configuration issue with the public WiFi hub.

So if your WiFi does not connect, try it outside of the case.

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I am unable to connect to a public unsecured wi fi (public library).But it is interesting that I can get on one service and not on another when both are free WiFi.

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Did that and after that was done, an entire list of available WiFI was indicated but when selecting one of them, it would not connect.

It searches and displays reachable WiFi sites, yet it fails to connect.

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop that I use to connect to the Internet.This wikiHow teaches you how to connect your iPhone, Android, Windows computer, or Mac computer to wireless Internet.I had this issue with Nookie Froyo, and never was able to figure it out.