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And not only does it allow you to change your Netflix country, it also protects your privacy online, since it gives you all the advantages of a secure VPN connection.Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes.

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Choose the type of router or specific device you want to watch US Netflix on. (PC, Xbox.

When you first run the app it will ask for your StrongVPN login information.To get American Netflix all you have to do is sign up to a cool.For people living outside the United States, StrongVPN will more than double the number of movies and tv shows available to watch, greatly expanding the movie catalogue list.You now have access to over 10,000 worldwide movies and TV shows.

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When you open the Netflix page on your new DNS server, you can log in using your Canadian account and get access to the American video library.

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There is so much more available with your Netflix subscription.

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How to Get US Netflix in Canada. If you are wathcing on a wii or xbox or most blu-ray players you need US netflix account.

Microsoft removes Xbox One and Xbox 360 Gold paywall for Netflix, Hulu, and more Update:.You will be disconnected from the internet when you change settings.

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By sending all your internet traffic their their servers, you are letting some third-party view everything you are doing on the internet.

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By Netflix Guy. for high quality video streaming from Netflix outside the USA on Xbox 360.Click. OK. You may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.What these services did was redirect your Netflix traffic to their servers which in turn relayed the traffic through a server in the United States, thus fooling Netflix into thinking that you were watching American Netflix through the USA.Even now there are sites that claim to provide DNS servers that will let you watch American Netflix, but they are inconsistent (at best), or unsafe (at worst).

Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners will no longer need to maintain a paid Xbox subscription to watch movies on Netflix,.

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However in January of 2016, Netflix cracked down on these services, causing them to stop working.