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Upgrading your firmware is as easy as updating the apps on your smartphone.

Operating systems and utility software on computers and routers keep track of Wi-Fi channel settings being used at any given time. Choosing The Best Wi-Fi Channel.We also explain how easy it is to go about and setup these devices and.

By using the best DD-WRT router you can increase signal strength, manage network usage, access home computers remotely, and much more.

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Routers with SmartBeamTM technology provide full coverage across your whole house,.

When setting up and maintaining Wi-Fi home networks, consider these top tips for maximizing the security of the computers and data on these networks.Using a VPN on a router is smart choice for both privacy and security.With the proliferation of wireless devices in the home, heavy-bandwidth activities such as video streaming can drag network speeds.Having the gears is one of the equations in having no lag gaming environment.The router is the technological workhorse of the modern home, bringing Internet to your many devices.We have reviewed top models of routers which come under 100 dollars.Experiencing a reduction in speed and an increase in lag and buffering on your wireless network.

This in-depth guide shows you the best VPN routers based on my testing and research.

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Boosting your wireless speed, range, and reliability is surprisingly simple.My PC and PS3 are about 30ft from the router and unfortunately, I cannot move the router.

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If you have had your modem for a long time, it could be time to upgrade.

If you have a dual-band router, simply place legacy devices on the 2.4GHz band and newer technology on the 5GHz band.

CNET editors choose the best networking devices, including wireless routers, wireless networking adapters, Ethernet routers, devices for Wi-Fi wireless, and many more.You can move your router away from these devices to see if that remedies the problem, or change the channel and SSID on your router.Shop for your wireless routers, wired routers, ethernet switches, and other networking devices at

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Grab a couple of router bits with dramatically different diameters to get a.We can help you find the best wifi router option for your needs.If you require some screen shots of router settings please let me know.Investing a time and energy in the wireless security can save you from lots of troubles.Change the Wireless security mode to WPA, For Encryption, select AES.For Passphrase input your desired WPA Key.

As this is the same settings which i have set on my Router and its working perfectly fine.Shorten the distance between your router and wireless devices.Easy installation with web based setup wizard and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).Schedule this while you are at work or school for uninterrupted wireless when you are home.

Even if you have a password, hackers can still find their way into your network.