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Remote Access to the Ubuntu 11.04 Unity. Only display an icon when there someone is connected - Displays an icon on the Notification area of the top status bar.Unfortunately this software is a bit hit and miss when running on Ubuntu and whilst you may now be able to access the desktop you will find the experience a little frustrating due to mouse and cursor issues and general graphics based problems.

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How do I modify notification applet so that it only notifies me about things that I want to be notified about.

There is a tick box at the bottom of this screen that says usage data will be sent anonymously to the developers.Ubuntu Unity 8 is finally on the horizon--but what will this next phase in the life of Unity. 10 things you need to know about Ubuntu Unity 8. Notification area.

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Change The Desktop Wallpaper In Ubuntu By Following These 5 Simples Steps.By amjfon Running kdocker and then clicking on a window hides the window, but no icon appears in the notification area in Ubuntu 14.04 in either Gnome Flashback.

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There are many reasons why you might want to connect to a computer remotely.Possibly you have a friend who is having issues with their computer running Ubuntu and you wish to offer your services to help them fix it but without having to leave the house.This app allows you to receive Android notifications in your browser.

The desktop sharing interface is broken down into three sections.How to Find Your IP Address in Ubuntu Linux. is found by right clicking the network icon in the notification area and clicking Connection Information.You can configure the desktop sharing to show an icon to show it is running.Whatever your reason for setting up desktop sharing you should definitely set a password.

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To connect to Ubuntu from the outside world you need to use the external IP address.

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Everything works as expected, but the icon does not show up in the Unity notification area on the top right.

How To Make Your Ubuntu Linux Appear Like Windows, Use UKUI Desktop. April 18.By default your home router will be set up to only allow other computers connected to that router to know about the other computers and devices connected to that network.I need area plot with treshold changing area background color.Your Ubuntu desktop should now appear on your phone or tablet.You should now be able to try to connect to Ubuntu again using Windows.Skype icon is disappearing from the notification panel of your Ubuntu.

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Note: Your computer running Ubuntu must be switched on and you must be logged in (although the lock screen can be showing).

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If you know the person who is going to be connecting to your computer or indeed it is going to be you from another location tick both boxes.This article was originally based on Ubuntu 11.10 but has been updated to include Ubuntu 12.04, which can also be used without the Unity desktop using the method.

Click OK A new icon will appear in the window with the name you gave it in step 2.The notification area in Ubuntu is to be removed by Ubuntu 11.04 the Canonical design team have announced.Allow other users to view your desktop Allow other users to control your desktop.The third option deals with accessing the computer from outside your network.Selecting an indicator in the notification area will pull open a sidebar.Before you can connect to your Ubuntu desktop using another computer you need to find out the IP address that has been assigned to it.Ubuntu Hey guys, for some reason, my notification are has some icons that refuse to change to the background of the rest of my panel.A password box should now appear and you can enter the password created when you set up desktop sharing.UBUNTU 10.04 User Guide Welcome to your new Free Geek system. Click on the Network Manager in the Notification Area and select your chosen wireless network.