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Azure Site-to-Site VPN Configuration with Server 2012 R2

The following table lists the information that you need to know before you configure a remote access VPN server.

Best VPN for torrenting will secure your torrents downloading without limits your internet speed.I am leaning towards server side, although XP client test should make this clear hopefully.I have used both the regular UNC path and the full domain name of the file server in UNC format (i.e.- \\filesrv.domainname.com\file share) with the same results. Nothing. I am currently using Win7 and Vista on client machines that our trying to connect.

Unable to connect to server and access the sharing folder

How to set up an OpenVPN server. Having a virtual private network affords a lot of convenience,. create the OpenVPN server configuration file.The VPN service included in OS X Server is a lightweight, easy-to-setup server component that allows end-users remote access to corporate data.

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If the issue still exists after the fix is applied, I would like to suggest you disable or uninstall the antivirus and then monitor if the issue will re-occur.A VPN server running Windows Server 2003 supports the logging of authentication and accounting information for remote access VPN connections in local.Those files should ideally be stored on an offline media, only to be made available when you.

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Configuring Windows Server 2008 as a Remote Access SSL VPN

I used to connect this way just fine using Win2003 and XP clients.Our VPN users experience very slow file transfers (50MB can take 20 minutes with a 20Mbps FiOS connection on each side).VPN Troubleshooting Tools. logging files using Network Policy Server.

The SonicWALL SuperMassive can terminate L2TP-over-IPsec connections from incoming Microsoft Windows or Google Android clients.Select the zip file downloaded from the OpenVPN server and then press OK.Here is the scenario: VPN Server is set up on Windows 7 Professional machine behind DSL modem and router with port forwarding enabled.If you follow the instructions here, you will wipe out your VTP and VLAN configurations.This tutorial will walk an individual through the process of transferring the five major, necessary Active Directory Roles, commonly referred to as the FSMO roles to another domain controller.When trying to connect to the share, niether the UNC path is dns name or UNC with IP address work.

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Windows Server 2008 network shares become unresponsive with Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 or Symantec Anti-Virus 10.2 client installed and Auto-Protect enabled.VPN server configuration file needs to be extracted to. certificate and key directly in the DigitalOcean.ovpn file.

Access File Server Network Share without using VPN

Since it was working, there is probably a small setting that changed.

Microsoft file sharing SMB: User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports from 135 through 139 and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) ports from 135 through 139.Our clients can connect just fine to the network through the firewall, they can also ping the file server, and RDP into it.Hi Dennis, Glad to hear that you have resolved the issue with my help.Access File Server Network Share without using VPN - Duration: 4:27.

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The server setup consists of a security device (DrayTek V3300) which passes the PPTP authentication.This guide describes the configuration of OpenVPN on Windows 8 using the installation package from the OpenVPN community.

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Network shares become unresponsive on Windows Server 2008 32-bit with Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 Auto-Protect enabled.